Tissue paper is the kind of paper that is light, soft, semi translucent and flexible and is usually used in a number of ways including wiping and wrapping gifts. Generally speaking tissue is a term that is used in reference to various papers of this nature that could also be glazed, creped or unglazed for various uses. This therefore means that apart from the tissue that is used for sanitary purposes, there are other kinds of decorative tissue that is also handy in the making of crafts and wrapping gifts such as crepe paper. The decorative tissue is a little stronger than the sanitary tissue and has a special kind of appeal.

There are quite a number of crafts that can be made from tissue paper especially for kids. In order to make the best of tissue paper crafts you will need to have a variety of the decorative tissue in terms of colors. Secondly, you will also need to focus on making simple crafts as these usually have a greater appeal compared to complicated crafts. Moreover, simple crafts are not too engaging thus you could work them out with the kids.  Most importantly, you will need to think out of the box when making these crafts so that you do not seem to be duplicating commonly made crafts. One of the advantages of using tissue to make crafts is the fact that it is versatile thus you can be sure that it is not restricted to enhancements alone. If you are working with kids, you will need to begin from the most basic level. You will thus need a number of tools to work with that include scissors, rubber, pencil and paper craft books among others.

One of the common types of tissue paper craft is tissue paper collage. Just like regular collage, this involves cutting out different tissue paper colors into desired sizes and shapes before mounting them into an awesome pattern using glue. This may be applied to large drawings which can later be framed and put on the wall as a wall hanging. The second type of tissue paper crafts is the tissue paper decoupage. This simply refers to decorating objects using cutouts of different colors of tissue paper after which you may put the object at a strategic place in the house.

This craft is ideal for those items within the home whose appearance needs to be transformed in order to increase their appeal such as flower pots. The other type of tissue paper crafts are the tissue paper flowers. These are perhaps the easiest to make as well as the most common. This is because they are achievable through simple folding procedures that can be done with ease. All you have to do is determine the color of the flowers that could also have more than one color. In conclusion, there are several types of tissue paper crafts that can be made using various types of tissue paper. Some of these crafts include tissue paper decoupage, tissue paper collage, tissue paper flowers, tissue paper stained glass, tissue paper art, tissue paper pom poms, easter eggs, paper garland, champagne bottle wrap, kids party hats, paper favors, gift cones, party clowns among others. The list is endless and can always be expanded by your creativity.

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